Become a Lifeguard in Just 6 Weeks

Only at The Lifeguarding Academy

All of our courses are accredited through the Lifesaving Society. Your certifications will be valid anywhere in Canada as well as any of the other 25 countries that Lifesaving Society operates in. 

Lifeguard Crash Courses Offered Every Week in Toronto

Below courses are designed to prepare you as a nationally certified lifeguard. Upon completion, you will be certified to work as a lifeguard anywhere in Canada.

Courses Offered:

  • National Lifeguard Prep-course

  • National Lifeguard course

  • National Lifeguard & Standard First Aid Combo

  • National Lifeguard Recertification course


Bronze courses are designed to teach you how to rescue yourself or others in any unsupervised aquatic situation such as lakes or beaches.

Courses Offered:

  • Bronze Star

  • Bronze Medallion

  • Bronze Cross

  • First Aid and Bronze Combos