First Aid & CPR

Learn to save a life, you might just have to.


These courses are designed to prepare you to react in the common and not-so-common medical emergencies that we all come across in our everyday lives.

All First Aid courses include CPR & AED training.

Courses Offered:

- Standard First Aid with CPR-C
- Standard First Aid with CPR-HCP
- Emergency First Aid with CPR-B

These courses are designed to equip you with knowledge and training of what to do when you come across unconscious and non-responsive persons.

All CPR courses include Choking procedures AED training.

Courses Offered:


This online HCP program is designed to allow you to learn the HCP curriculum on your own time in the comfort of your own home.

The hybrid HCP-CPR program includes all the material of the in-class exam and is valid for all health care governing bodies such as CCNM, CCA, CDA, CCO, CFPC, CPO and many other organizations not listed here.



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