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Bronze Medallion & Standard First Aid Combo


Course Schedule

Day 1 - Saturday:12:45pm - 8:45pm
Day 2 - Sunday:12:00pm - 8:00pm
Day 3 - Saturday:11:30am - 6:00pm
Day 4 - Sunday:10:00am - 5:00pm





Do you own the manual?

The Canadian Lifesaving Manual is not mandatory for this course but we strongly recommend candidates to rent a copy for the duration of the course to be able to follow along with the instructor and review their material at home.

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First Weekend

459 Bloor Street West

Second Weekend

711 Bloor Street East

Do you have some questions about the PROGRAM? We are here to help!

What happens if I fail my Bronze course?

Lifeguarding Academy wants to see every student succeed! All of our programs and courses are run under our Academy Guarantee. Candidates who are unsuccessfully have the chance to retake the entire course or just the exam for 50% off!

Do I need to be taking my Bronze Cross with Standard First Aid?

Candidates are suggested to combine their Bronze Cross with Standard First Aid & CPR C if they are looking to become lifeguards as it is a prerequisite in your future course. However, they are more than welcome to separate their courses as well. 

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