Our Mission

Every year, we lose our loved ones to situations that could have potentially been prevented or at least handled better. Lifeguarding Academy is on a mission to reduce the rate of preventable deaths worldwide and increase community resilience by providing First Aid and Lifeguarding programs to arm the public with the knowledge and skills in order to handle the very medical emergencies that we all face in our everyday lives.


Our Vision

Are you confident enough in your CPR skills to save someone's life one day? Lifeguarding Academy wants to instill confidence in our community to respond in the event of an emergency.
We believe that with proper education anyone will be equipped to control the uncontrollable.

Join us in our mission to reduce the number of unnecessary deaths that happen everyday. Learn to save a life.


Our Programs

Did you know that you can start your lifeguarding career as early as the age of 16? Our graduating candidates will be officially certified to work as a lifeguard across Canada and other countries overlooked by the Royal Lifesaving Society.

With a wide range of programs, Lifeguarding Academy is your source to all first aid and aquatic certifications. From basic level CPR to Health Care Provider, from swim to Lifesaving & Lifeguarding, you can be sure that you can find the right program for you and your children.

With only the most experienced instructors, we give our students their best chance at being successful. Take the first step, Take your first course.