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Keeping Up With Your Qualifications Just Got Easier


Make expired qualifications a thing of the past, sign up below for automatic reminders to get notified just in time before letting your certifications expire. This service is not limited to Lifeguarding Academy students and is free for public use.

Terms of Service


Terms of Service:
Automatic Recertification Reminders is a free service and will always continue to be free. By signing up, you are only agreeing to receive emails in regards to your recertification reminders and your information will never be used for any advertising purposes.

The system currently works by sending you one email two months before your expiry date, and another email one month before your expiry dates. Each form submission currently will only enter you in the system only for one certification, you need to submit your information again in order to sign up for reminders for multiple qualifications.

Automatic Recertification Reminders is a system created and offered only by the Lifeguarding Academy and is protected by the provincial copy-right laws. Commercial use of this service is strictly prohibited.

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