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Corporate Training

Lifeguarding Academy offers a comprehensive variety of first aid, CPR and aquatic leadership programs. By reserving one of our tailored First Aid, AED and CPR courses at your location, we will curate a customized program that is committed to accommodating the specific needs and goals of your group and staff members. 

In addition to small businesses and large corporations, Lifeguarding Academy provides training to health care professionals, teachers, school staff and several community outreach programs. Our team of staff is committed to offering the highest value of instruction and training to your employees. More importantly, our First Aid, AED and CPR training programs are readily available to be completely customizable to the time, date and location of your schedule. All of our in-house training programs come prepared with all the equipment and materials that are required. 


Corporate Services Offered

First Aid Training

These courses are designed to prepare you and your employees to react in the common and not so common medical emergencies that we all may come across in our workplace and in our everyday lives. We offer all types of First Aid training including Standard First Aid with CPR-C, Standard First Aid with CPR-HCP and Emergency First Aid with CPR-B.


CPR Training with AED

These courses are designed to prepare you and your colleagues with knowledge and training of what to do when you come across a person who is unconscious or non - responsive. We offer CPR-C (adults, children and infants) CPR-A (adults only), CPR B (children and infants) and CPR-HCP (catered to health care professionals for adults, children and infants).



Once your employees have completed their full training at their workplace, we also offer recertification courses which can be readily available to reserve at your company, school, community centre or hospital.


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