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Upon purchasing this package, you will be provided with a unique voucher code that you can use to register for a spot in a Standard First Aid with CPR-C, Bronze Medallion and Cross, and National Lifeguard course.

We offer these courses every single weekend of the calendar year and you have the option of taking them all back-to-back or register for them on any dates that are convenient for you. Instructions on how to reserve your spot in a course will be sent to you in a confirmation email after purchase.

Note: Your unique voucher will never expire and will be valid for 1 spot in each course regardless of the course prices at the time of registering.


In order to satisfy the pre-requisite requirements of each course, you must complete the courses in this order:

  1. Standard First Aid with CPR-C
  2. Bronze Medallion and Cross Combo (Can be taken separately at no extra cost)
  3. National Lifeguard - Pool Course

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the complete lifeguard package refundable?

As long as you haven’t redeemed any of the courses from the package you are entitled to a refund. Please note that all refunds are subject to a 2.5% administration fee. You can see our complete refund and rescheduling policy on this page.

What is the advantage of purchasing the complete lifeguard package?

Purchasing the complete lifeguard package allows you to take advantage of a sweet discount. In addition to that, our vouchers never expire so if our course prices ever go up, you won’t have to pay anything extra! The credits included in the voucher are also transferable between friends & family members.

Do I need to book my courses all at once or can I do them one by one?

Another advantage of the package is that it is redeemable at any point! You can decide to book your courses all at once or take them one step at a time.

How do I redeem my courses after purchasing this package?

Once you’ve purchased the package, you will receive an email that will include your unique voucher. You can then follow the instructions in that email and sign up for your courses. During reserving your spot for each specific course, there will be a field where you can either put in the email that you used when purchasing the package or your unique voucher code.

Am I entitled to a partial refund?

Candidates will be entitled to a partial refund if they decide not to continue with the rest of the courses. However, each course taken will be charged the current full price and the remaining balance will be refunded.

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