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⭐️ I want to become a lifeguard, where do I start?

We’re thrilled to hear that! Not only is being a lifeguarding fun and rewarding, but it is also an important job that trains individuals to give everyone the best chance they have at preventing water-related deaths, injuries and medical emergencies.

Click here so we can walk you through the process from start to finish!

⭐️ Why Lifeguarding Academy?

Lifeguarding Academy provides the highest quality of courses.

When you enrol in a course with Lifeguarding Academy, we know that you have placed your trust in us and we are dedicated to empowering you with knowledge. Asides from providing you with the best rates in the GTA; we are flexible, accommodating and have the most frequent courses running. What more can you ask for?

⭐️ Do you have parking?

There is parking available in the school parking lot of Rosedale Heights. However, our classroom location only offers street parking.

⭐️ What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Our refund and cancellation policy varies per class. Please refer to our terms and conditions located at the bottom of our page.

⭐️ Are you approved by WSIB?

Yes we most certainly are! Lifeguarding Academy is recognized by Lifesaving Society to deliver WSIB approved programs and courses.

⭐️ How long are your courses?

The length of our courses varies differently upon each class. Please navigate to the specific course you wish to take in order to find the corresponding hours.

⭐️ What is a manual and where do I get it?

A manual is referring to the textbook that will be used throughout your course. You may bring your own manual if you already have one or you also have the option to add it to your cart when booking your course.

⭐️ How do I book a course?

Its easy! Find the specific course that you’re looking for under the ‘PROGRAM’ tab at the very top of our page. Upon making your selection, you will be redirected to book the course of your choice. Click “BOOK NOW” to select a date that works best for you!

Don’t know what course you should be taking? Take a look at our “STEPS TO BECOME A LIFEGUARD” section under the programs tab of our home page!

⭐️ What is the difference between different training organizations?

All training organizations will satisfy the certifications that you need to complete. However, our course don't just meet the standards, they exceed them! We have the perfect ingredient of delivering a fun yet educational course that you'll think twice about ever going anywhere else!

⭐️ What forms of payment do you take?

You will have to pay credit on our website in order to book a course. If you would like to use a different method of payment, let us know by emailing us at register@lifeguardingacademy.com. We are more than happy to register you into our course manually and you can pay by either cash, e-transfer or cheque.

⭐️ What is an LSS ID?

An LSS ID is a 6 digit code that lists all of your current and past certifications with the Lifesaving Society. We ask for this code so we can make sure that you have the correct prerequisites prior to taking your course with us. You can find this code at the bottom right corner of your current certification or contact LSS directly to obtain it!

*Note: You will only have an LSS ID if you have previously taken courses through the Lifesaving Society.

⭐️ Do you run courses in the evenings or on weekdays?

At the moment, all of our courses are held over the weekends with an exception to the Winter break as well as March break. If you are looking for a weekday or evening course, contact us for private lessons and rates. We also host courses on the evenings or weekdays for groups with a minimum of 6 people.

⭐️ How do I customize my schedule?

Can’t make half days, some days or all days? Not to worry! Email us at register@lifeguardingacademy.com and we can customize your schedule in a way that will accommodate both your dance party AND your lifesaving/lifeguarding course with us!

⭐️ How long is my certificate valid for?

Candidates may be required to renew their certifications at a earlier date depending on their employer or school standards. We suggest that you check with your school or employer first to determine what re-certification policies they expect you to follow.

Under usual circumstances, our Standard First Aid & CPR C course is valid for 3 years and current for 2. This means that you have a year in between to recertify your certification before it fully expires.

All of our other lifeguarding courses are valid for 2 years.

Click here to do that!

⭐️ When will I receive my certificate?

Lifesaving Society advertises a 90 day turnaround time for you to receive your certificate in the mail. In the meantime, the temporary card that you have received at the end of your course is valid for you to present to your school or workplace as proof of successful completion.

⭐️ Why haven’t I received my certificate yet?

No need to panic! There’s a reason why we put this question up in our FAQ 3 times. You have a temporary card and your certificate will be mailed to your address within 90 days of your course.

⭐️ I lost my temporary card..

Unfortunately, only one temporary card is included in the cost of your course. If you require an additional card, there will an additional fee to replace it. Please email us so we can place an order for you.

⭐️ Why are my qualifications not showing up online?

Just like your certificate, Lifesaving Society will need time to process your test sheets and qualifications which means that it may take some time before your qualifications are up to date on their website.

⭐️ I got my previous certification through another affiliate, can I still take your courses?

Yes of course! Your certification through another affiliate will still be accepted as a prerequisite to any of our required courses but please note that you will either have to recertify your qualifications through them or switch to Lifesaving Society qualifications instead.

⭐️ Can I recertify my qualifications if I’ve previously completed it through another organization?

Good news and bad news!

Bad news: Unfortunately, we are unable to recertify your qualifications if they are from another affiliate as our certifications are issued through Lifesaving Society.

Good news: We would LOVE to have you! Most of our students tend to make the switch because they love the amount of money they’re saving overtime by taking OUR courses. Switching is so easy and it's the best decision you’ll ever make! Let us know if you need help to make the switch or if you have any questions about the process.

⭐️ Do you teach private courses?

Yes most certainly! Click here to inquire about our private courses and why this option is best for you!

⭐️ I’m a business owner and I’d like to certify my staff. Do you offer group rates and trainings?

Yes of course! Click over to this page to get your staff certified. We offer the BEST trainings at the BEST rates!



💧 What are the prerequisites to NLS?

  • 16 years old by the day of your exam

  • Bronze Cross (needs not to be current)

  • Standard First Aid & CPR C (needs not to be current)

💧 Can I still take the National Lifeguard course if my prerequisites expired?

Yes yes and yes! Your prerequisites do not have to be current in order to take your NLS. Isn’t that exciting?!

💧My NLS Already Expired, Can I Still Recertify?

Yes! It doens’t matter how long ago you’ve taken the full course or if it has already expired or is about to expire. You can recertify your NLS anytime as there is no time limit. YAY!

*Note: We do suggest our candidates to take the full course if you are not comfortable with the material or feel as if it has been too long since you’ve taken the course last.

💧 What do I have to do for my NL recert?

Physical Standards:

  • Endurance Swim: Swim 400 m in 10 min
  • Head Up Swim: Starting in the water, swim 50 m head-up within 60 seconds.
  • Object recovery: Swim 15 m and surface dive to recover a 20lbs brick; surface and carry object 5 m – all within 40 sec.
  • Approach & Carry: Head up approach for 20 m and carry a victim with 5 m with their shoulders out of the water.
  • Situations.

See a full detailed explanation and list on http://www.lifesavingsociety.com/media/127675/whatsnew-recerts.pdf

💧 What is the size of your pool?

Our pool is 25ft x 75ft and 9 ft deep which exceeds more than the minimum standards!

💧 Can I just work with my Bronze Cross?

Yes and no. While there are a few places (select camps and Wonderland, etc) that allow you to work with your Bronze Cross, most places want their staff to have their NLS. In almost every case, you cannot be a lifeguard without your NLS.

💧 What should I bring to class?

  • Proof of your prerequisites (a picture or LSS ID would work)
  • Swim gear (bathing suit, towel, flip flops, swim cap, goggles)
  • Plastic bag to put your wet clothes
  • Lock for a locker
  • Snacks/food/lunch
  • Pen/paper

💧 I was previously a lifeguard in another country..

Depending on which country you used to work in, you might be able to just take one conversion or refresher course! You should speak to Lifesaving Society for the most accurate answer: (416)-490-8844

Better yet, you may be eligible to challenge your courses, just ask us how!


First Aid Questions

⛑ How many times can I Recertify my first aid?

After taking a full Standard First Aid & CPR C course, you may only recertify once within 3 years of your certification date. Afterwards, you will need to repeat the FULL Standard First Aid & CPR C course (e.g: full, re-cert, full, re-cert, etc).

⛑ How does your Hybrid HCP-CPR course work?

Our hybrid HCP CPR course is designed for people in the medical profession who have already taken the course before and would like to take advantage of completing or recertifying their qualifications in the quickest and easiest manner with 3 easy steps!

  1. Pay a one time fee of $25 to obtain lifetime access to content webinars.
  2. Study the webinars.
  3. Book an exam (1hr - $50) with us when you're ready!

⛑ Why is the Hybrid HCP CPR option better?

  • Learn at your own pace at your own time.
  • Spend less time sitting through hours of class.
  • Thorough, simple and fast!
  • Tailored to your learning style.
  • Multiple exam dates.

⛑ What is the difference between Emergency First Aid & CPR B compared to Standard First Aid & CPR C?

Emergency First Aid & CPR-B only consists of a limited amount of items and it is the most basic certification that you can get.

Standard First Aid & CPR-C is the more comprehensive and extensive certification that is required by most work and school places.

⛑ What are the different levels of CPR?

  • CPR-A is adult CPR.
  • CPR-B is adult & child CPR.
  • CPR-C is infant, child & adult.
  • CPR Health Care Provider (CPR HCP) is infant, child, adult 2 rescuer CPR, AED and Oxygen Administration.


More Questions?


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