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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I become a lifeguard in Ontario?

    There are a total of 4 courses that you need to take in order to become a lifeguard in Canada. They must be completed in the following order:

    1. Bronze Medallion with Emergency First Aid & CPR B

    2. Bronze Cross

    3. Standard First Aid & CPR C

    4. National Lifeguard Pool Course (15 years of age)

    Click here to see an interactive flowchart of the courses in order.

  2. What are the prerequisites to NLS?
    • 15 years old by the day of your exam

    • Bronze Cross (needs not to be current)

    • Standard First Aid & CPR C (needs not to be current)

  3. Do I have to wait until I am 16 to become a lifeguard?

    No! Lifesaving Society recently changed their policy regarding candidates minimum age. Now candidates can take their National Lifeguard course and become a certified lifeguard at the age of 15. 

  4. Am I too old to become a lifeguard?

    There are no age limits as to when a candidate can become a lifeguard. Lifeguarding Academy has trained hundreds of candidates from all sorts of ages!

  5. How do students travel from class to pool?

    Lifeguarding Academy's classroom and pool locations are both conveniently located right next to the subway station.

    For our programs that include both a class and pool portion, candidates will be given a lunch break and be responsible for their own commute between the two locations. Our students most commonly travel together on foot as the locations are 15 minutes apart.

  6. How long is NLS valid for?

    Your National Lifeguard certification is valid for a period of 2 years. After that, candidates are required to attend a 1-day National Lifeguard recertification course in order to renew their qualification.

  7. Can I recertify after my NL has expired?

    Yes, you can recertify your National Lifeguard certification at any point even after it has expired. 

  8. How do I prepare for my NLS exam?

    All candidates will be prepared for their exam throughout the course but you can prepare yourself for the physical requirements of the course by training beforehand. You can see all of the National Lifeguard course content on this page. 

  9. Should I take the lifeguard prep course?

    The National Lifeguard prep course is designed for the following groups of candidates:

    1. Candidates who would like to have extra practice with the skills of the course 
    2. Candidates who are under 16 but would like to ensure their success in the course once they do turn 16
  10. What happens if I fail my NLS exam?

    Due to laws and regulations set by the Lifesaving Society, unsuccessful National Lifeguard candidates are required to retake the National Lifeguard course from the beginning. 

    If you are unsure whether you're ready for the course, we suggest taking a looking our National Lifeguard Exam Prep course which will familiarize you with all of the physical contents of the NL course.

  11. Can I just retake the exam?

    Unfortunately, due to laws and regulations set by the Lifesaving Society, unsuccessful National Lifeguard candidates are required to retake the National Lifeguard course from the beginning. 

  12. Where can I work as a lifeguard?

    Once you have successfully completed all of your courses, you can start working as a lifeguard anywhere in Canada. Most of our candidates apply to work with the city, a local pool or community centre. Click here to take a look at some of our job postings!

  13. Is it easy to find a lifeguarding job in Ontario?

    Lifeguards are currently in an record-breaking high demand! The shortage of lifeguards across the province can almost guarantee you to find a job. 

    You can also take a look at our current job postings here.

  14. How much do lifeguards get paid in Canada?

    On average, lifeguards in Canada get paid between $16-$20 per hour. Your exact pay will vary depending on your employer. These wages have not changed since the minimum-wage increase so it is likely that they will improve in the near future. 

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