Lifeguarding Academy

Nature & Scope:

The Lifeguards & Swim Instructors are enthusiastic, water loving people who are incredibly attentive and are zealous about upholding a quality Canadian Red Cross aquatics program for the members of Altea Active and our community. They are inspired to share their technical knowledge with their clients in an effective, safe, and progressive style. They maintain safety rules, monitor the water for danger, prevent and respond to emergencies. They also maintain records of incidents that occur at the pool. They create a clean, safe, and educational environment for all participants in their program. They have a passion for being creative by developing play-based, age-appropriate activities and lessons while ensuring overall health, safety and the well-being of all participants in their care. Lifeguards & Swim Instructor may also determine when bodies of water need to be closed to swimmers. These exuberant folks have communication superpowers as they quickly create rapport with children and parents while being mindful and respectful of individual differences. They offer a positive, welcoming environment that delivers fun, enriching and socially engaging activities that stimulate their clients while providing programs to help their clients achieve their aquatic goals. These problem solvers, plan and carry out lessons and activities that are in harmony with the centre’s philosophy. They observe their client’s progression in order to expand growth and development.

Duties & Responsibilities:

-“Check Members In" during family swim Opening and closing the swimming areas such as; attaching guides and guards
-Checking water condition before the pool opens to swimmers
-Take steps to close the swimming area if they determine that conditions are hazardous to swimmers
-Cleaning up walkways around a pool
-Adding chemicals according to safety guidelines
-Cleaning and tidying the pool deck before/after each lesson
-Maintaining proper supervision over pool and guest behaviour (scanning, roaming, enforcing rules)
-Taking necessary steps to rescue a struggling swimmer
-Organize and plan swim lessons that are age-appropriate
-Maintaining control and safety over class
-Handling member questions and concerns
-Filling out worksheets (attendance, progress)
-Properly filled out report cards ready to be handed out the last day of swimming lessons


Required Skills & Qualifications:

-Swim Instructor
-Standard First Aid with CPR-C


How to apply:

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