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Our Hybrid CPR-HCP course provides the same content and certification to candidates through a content delivery method of online webinars. This course is ideal for health care providers who are familiar with the course or are recertifying and would benefit from learning the course material at their own pace and time. Participants are then required to attend and successfully complete an in person exam to obtain their certification. 

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Step 1:  

Purchase lifetime access to the online webinars (one-time fee)

Note that purchasing access to the webinars does not mean you will be certified. You must attend an in-person exam in order to be certified.

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Step 2:

Using the password that is emailed to you, access the webinars and study them thoroughly every time you want to register for an exam and give yourself the best chance for success.

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Step 3:

Book your 1.5 hour in-person exam and get certified.

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