National Lifeguard

Cost: $200

Length: 4 Days

Pre-requisites: 16 Years of age, Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid with CPR-C

Valid for: 2 years

Under 16?
Take the NL Prep course to be prepared for when you are eligible to take your course

Course Description:

This certification is nationally & internationally recognized and the certification holders are eligible to legally work as a certified lifeguard.

Course Content:

- Physicals (see re-certification course content)
- Under-water swim
- Rescue drill
- Lifeguard theory & practice
- Pool facility analysis
- Lifeguard communication
- Scanning & observation
- Positioning & rotation
- Intervention
- Entries & removals
- Specialized techniques
- Missing person procedures
- Distressed or drowning victim rescue
- Spinal injury management and boarding
- Submerged victim rescue
- Injured swimmer management
- Lifeguarding situations

National Lifeguard & Standard First Aid Combo

National Lifeguard with Standard First Aid & CPR-C

Cost:  $295

Length: 6 Days

Pre-requisites: 16 Years of age, Bronze Cross

Valid for: 
National Lifeguard: 2 years
Standard First Aid: 3 years

Course Description:

This combo course is designed for people who are missing their Standard First Aid pre-requisite for taking the National Lifeguard course. 

Course Content:

- All National Lifeguard course content
- All Standard First Aid course content


National Lifeguard Exam Prep Course

Cost:  $100

Length: 4 Days

Pre-requisites: None

Course Description:

This program is designed for candidates looking to be better prepared to pass their National Lifeguard exam & candidates under the age of 16.

Course Content:
- Physicals
- Spinal boarding
- Lifesaving techniques
- Spinal Rollovers
- Lifeguard Communications
- Guard Roles
- Lifeguard Situations


National Lifeguard Recertification Course

Cost: $75

Length: 1 Day | 5 Hours

Pre-requisites: Must have previously completed National Lifeguard Training (need not be current)

Valid for: 2 years

Course Content:

The NL re-certification course consists of physicals, review, and the exam.

- Endurance Challenge: 400m in under 10 minutes
- Object recovery
- Sprint Challenge: 50m in under 1 minute
- Approach and carry
- Spinal injury management
- Spinal Injured victim boarding
- Lifeguarding situations