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Hilary Coburn

Excellent NLS Recert!

Today's NLS Recert was fantastic with the Lifeguarding Academy! Right from speedy and helpful email replies with regards to scheduling, my experience with this company has felt professional and very personable. Krystle was an approachable, knowledgable, kind and organized instructor. She gave us helpful reminders and re-teachings where we requested them, but was effective at time management and worked us through all of the must see's for the recert. There were two other classes running at the same time, and the instructors all worked together sharing the space and utilizing each others' courses where helpful for course learning. I would highly recommend doing a course with these folks anytime!!

Woojae Kim

Three Thumbs Up

I was able to complete my SFA, Bronze Cross, and NLS (pool) within a couple weeks in the summer. What I really loved was how convenient and reasonably priced the courses were, as they had new classes every weekend. The instructors were amazing as they were friendly, approachable, and went out of their way as an instructor to help everyone understand the material. Every question I had was answered, even the ones that were thought to be unintelligent questions. Nonetheless, I am proud to say that I was certified at Lifeguarding Academy, the best lifeguarding/lifesaving school this city has to offer. Will surely be back for my recert. Keep up the great work! P.S. I would like to give a huge shoutout to Tim, Arya, and Krystle for making my experience at Lifeguarding Academy awesome.

Joshua Gancena


Needed my CPR @ HCP level, took the hybrid course and came in for an hour test and review! All the information I needed was provided and was a very efficient way to earn my recert! Definitely going to do this again next year.

Myia Rose

Amazing Staff

The staff made the course exciting and fun and took the time to learn the names of each participant. I look forward to taking more courses with Lifeguarding Academy.


My class was a decent size, the instructors explain how to do things well, easy to stay alert in this course.

Het Amin

Im currently doing my National Lifeguard and the instructors are amazing they actually teach you and dont fail you if you mess up once

Josh Lerman

Excellent experience doing my NLS certification with lga. pedram is accommodating and teaches very well. If you're looking to become a lifeguard then this is the place to come.

Nicholas Marino

Great experience with the instructors, they explain everything clearly and are friendly making the course interesting

Jehad Khudair

Great course

My first time going through the lifeguarding certifications, I did everything from bronze cross to nls. They offer the best prices in the market and the staff are super friendly. Providing a fun yet effective learning experience.

Andrew Brehaut

LGA was a fun time. Pedram was a chill guy and a really good teacher. Would definitely recommend to a friend for any lifesaving certifications

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