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Danica Baisas

Amazing courses and amazing team!

To start off - kudos to LGA amazing website with providing all the necessary information needed to sign up for a course!! You can tell when people are passionate about their work - LGA’s mission is to provide us with proper training in this field of work. They are creating and shaping the best students there could be. They have set such high standards of work and dedication through their attitude and charisma, it is outstanding. Cristina’s an amazing person to get in touch with if you/anyone you know is in need of more information. She helped me find the right courses to take for this summer. I got to choose the times and dates on their website that fit into my busy schedule and secure my course dates. If you’re ever nervous, don’t be! Pedram’s an amazing and knowledgeable instructor with passion to provide an excellent course to his students. His patience and eye for detail left me with great confidence in this work. Thank you for all the hard word and dedication to this team. Their passion and eagerness to teach is evident in their work and I’m very proud to have been a part of their first aid and cpr course. They also provide online webinars! Their continuous dedication to provide day to day knowledge and experience amaze me! The best mentors I’ve ever had. Without all their help, I would not be able to be where I want to be!

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